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Halo G6, Triton & E Liquid Coupon Codes

Use our Halo Cigs Coupon to save on your next ecig purchase! They are constantly offering deals, discounts and coupon codes to help grow their loyal customer base and ultimately save money in the process. They are currently offering an additional incentive to use their ecig via a free 10mL bottle of Malibu Tropical Blend E Liquid with any purchase over $20. You can use this coupon to refill your Triton ecig or even refill your G6 ecig once it runs dry. You can take advantage of our coupons & receive your free Malibu E Liquid at the same time. Click the corresponding button below on the coupon of your choice to unlock your savings!

halo cigs coupon

Halo ECig Coupon

This coupon is good for any ecig product. Halo is fast becoming the most popular ecig available. They offer products that are American made quality while miraculously maintaining affordability. When you choose them as your ecig brand, you can expect batteries that work longer and cartomizers that deliver more powerful and effect throat hits. They feature two ecig systems in the G6 & Triton. The G6 starter kit ecig weighs in at $44.99 and the Triton starter kit ecig at an affordable $64.99. Utilize this ecig coupon to save yourself the largest amount of money offered at any time.

halo g6 coupon

Halo G6 Coupon

This coupon is good for the G6 starter kit ecig. The G6 ecig is one of the very best compact ecig systems available. It is classified as a compact ecig, but is by no means too small. It’s not too big to take out with you and it’s not too small as to not perform well. The battery life is phenomenal and the vapor production is top notch. If you want an all around great ecig, the G6 is the perfect solution. It should also be noted that the G6 cartomizers can be re-used a few times by refilling them with e juice before needing to dispose of them. This adds even more to the G6 ecig systems overall savings. Check out our Halo G6 Review to learn more about how this ecig can save you money.

halo triton coupon

Halo Triton Coupon

This Coupon is good for the Triton starter kit ecig. The Triton is the best full size tank system ecig on the market. It’s superior battery life, vapor production and overall sleek design surpass any ecig around. If your looking for an ecig that is cost effective, the Triton is your best option. It is worth noting that the Triton ecig is significantly larger than the more compact G6 ecig. In the ecig world, battery duration goes hand in hand with battery size. Thus, the Triton is a full size ecig that will save you lots of money. Check out our Halo Triton Review to learn more about the incredible savings this ecig provides.

halo e liquid coupon

Halo E Liquid Coupon

This coupon is good for e liquid & cartomizers. This e juice is America’s #1 Selling brand for good reasons. The reasons are quality and performance. For those of you who don’t know, there is much more to a quality e juice than just a few fancy flavors. Comprised of flavor, nicotine and a compound that produces vapor, it takes a great deal of time and consideration to perfect this combination of ingredients to produce a quality e liquid. This e liquid is the most notorious American brand in the industry because they’ve tried, tested and perfected their product more than any other company. Check out our Halo E Liquid Review to learn about each flavor.

Halo Cigs Coupon Instructions


Halo Cigs CouponsUsing our coupon is very easy. Simply locate the coupon that you’d like to use, either the G6, Triton or E Liquid. It’s important to note that only one coupon can be used per order. Then click on our ‘Show Coupon Code’ button to reveal the coupon. A new window will open the official site, just click back to our website to view your now revealed coupon. We update this website daily to ensure you are aware of any current coupons. Step by step instructions are as followed:

  • Click the button that says, ‘Show Coupon Code’.
  • Our ecig coupon will then open a new tab in your browser.
  • Click back to our website to view the coupon that will now be visible to you.
  • You’ll then use that particular ecig coupon at the checkout page to take advantage of exact promotion.


halo e cig coupon

Halo Cigs Savings & Product Lineup:

Let’s cut straight to the chase then. I started off using Blu ecig Disposables and Starter Kits until I found out how ridiculously expensive and horribly performing they were compared to Halo Cigs. I would burn through an entire 5 Pack of cartomizers on a daily basis with Blu ecigs easily. This equates to spending about $450 per month on ecig cartomizers alone. On top of that, I had to spend an additional $45 every two months because the Blu ecig batteries would stop working. It got to the point of being insane and I decided to seek a better solution. I found the G6 ecig and have never looked back. I now spend about $250 per month which is about 50% less than the Blu ecig and never have to replace my batteries. I also utilize the exclusive codes found at the top of the page on every purchase. If you have found that your blu ecig is not working more often than not, make the switch to an ecig that works once and for all!

The G6 ecig is one of the very best ecig solutions on the market today. The G6 fits into a developing category of ecig types known as ‘compact’. It is however by no means ‘mini’. The compact label is more to distinguish it’s slightly smaller size from the many ‘larger’ full size ecig systems coming to the market. Outside of premier vapor production and quality, reliability (which seems to be rare in compact ecigs) is the best feature of the G6. The G6 ecig is the perfect size for using and taking with you everyday wherever you may go. With our G6 coupon your sure to save even more.

We have some great G6 Tips & Tricks, other than the G6 coupon, that will help save you even more money while using your it. By reusing your G6 cartomizers (commonly known as cartridges or refills), you can be sure your getting the absolute most for your money. While other cartridges like Blu Cigs for example are ‘one and done’ meaning you can only throw them away after one use, G6 cartomizers can easily be refilled. The caps or tops are rubber and can easily be removed. Once removed, simply pour the e juice flavor of you choice drop by drop into the cartridge. You’ll notice the white filler that is meant to soak up the e juice. In our experience, we’ve found that roughly 10 drops is the right amount to add per use. It should be noted however, this will not smoke as well as the factory filled cartridges, but it will certainly work 2-3 times to hold you over until you get your next G6 coupon shipment.

The Triton is a full size ecig. It is one of the best full size ecig systems available on the market. From it’s incredible battery life to it’s uncanny ability to produce vapor, this ecig is for serious users. While the Triton is not gigantic, it is certainly larger than the G6. When people ask which one they should purchase, the best answer is both the G6 and the Triton. You will find yourself using the Triton in the comfort of your home and the G6 when your out. The Triton is the most economical of all ecig systems and will save you the most money in the long run, espically by using our Triton coupon.

Perhaps most notorious for manufacturing their own E Liquid right here in the United States, Halo is the best in the ecig industry. In an industry filled with ‘wanna-be’ ecig companies sprouting up, simply slapping their labels on imported junk from China, it is a breath of fresh air to come across a true American based source for quality e juice. You wouldn’t think that e liquid would be such a delicate thing to perfect, however after trying everyone else’s, this outperforms in every category. The best part about this e juice is the savings that you’ll see from actually using an efficient ecig system in either the G6 or Triton, not forgetting of course to use our coupon codes.


For July 2014

Top Halo Cigs Coupon

ecigs coupon codeNormally, the coupon codes last just a month or two before they expire. Currently, they are offering 5% off starter kits and e juice coupons as well as a free bottle of Malibu Tropical Blend E Liquid on any order over $20 in July 2014. While you’ll certainly come across a lot of supposed coupons, most of them have already expired. However, we only promote 100% working coupons and at the top of this page, you’ll find the current top ecig coupon codes that are ready for your use! You will come across many websites of old or non-working coupons and offers. Keep in mind that we update this page constantly and guarantee to offer only the latest 100% working coupon codes. In the past they have offered up to 20% off their e juice and 10% respectively, however those coupons are not currently available for use. As soon as new a coupon, promotion and or deal is made available, we will add them to the top of this page. Also, feel free to check out our Triton Review, G6 Review and E Liquid Reviews to get the latest coupon and info on these ecig products.

Check out Halo’s Official Website.
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